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21 March, 2017

There will be a plant sale at the allotments hut on Friday 14 April, 10 a.m -12 p.m .

Please come and buy some plug plants – lettuces, chard, beetroot, leeks, peas and broad beans. They’re all at cost price, from as little as 60p for 5 plug plants, and ready to plant in your plot.

All are organically grown, sourced from a nursery called Delfland in Norfolk.

If there is enough interest, orders will be taken and collated for another bulk order for delivery in May 2017.

Please bring any spare seedlings or other plants you have for donation – and we will sell them on at low cost to others.

All proceeds will go towards the costs of further developing the hut as a facility for all plot holders and the community.

Any questions please email

5 March, 2017

Apologies to members who have been anxiously awaiting the publication of this month’s This Month before they could get on with any work on their plots. It has now been posted and the way ahead is clear.

17 February, 2017

Do you buy books online? Not just gardening books, any sort of books? Do you buy DVDs, CDs, stationary, computer games, gifts, etc? The chances are that you do and now you can contribute to raising funds for Grange Lane Allotments when you buy any of these items, just by using this link.

The link will take you to Blackwell’s, one of the foremost booksellers in Britain which has prices very similar to Amazon and free delivery over £10. When you buy anything from Blackwell’s using this link 6% of the value of your purchases will be automatically credited to the Grange Lane allotments account.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do. It costs you nothing but it contributes to our funds which are of course used for the benefit of the allotments and its members.

And you don’t have to keep going through the Grange lane website every time for us to get the commission. All you have to do is:

  1. Click on the link above or here.
  2. This will take you through to Blackwell’s.
  3. Check that the URL of the Blackwell’s page you’re on contains the words: Grange Lane
  4. Bookmark this page.
  5. That’s it! Every time you click on this Blackwell’s bookmark and buy anything they will automatically pay 6% commission to Grange Lane.

If this works we hope to to negotiate similar commission arrangements with other suppliers. In the meantime, please do think about using Blackwell’s and don’t forget to bookmark the link otherwise they won’t know that you’re buying through us and we won’t get the 6% commission.

12 February, 2017

A group of plotholders met at the new allotment hut on Sunday 5th February to discuss next
steps in making the hut a useful resource for members.

Good progress has already been made: a very durable rubber covering has been laid on the floor; a number of chairs have been obtained and a donated bench for the verandah has been installed.

As ever though, there is more to be done and we want to involve as many members as possible so that there’s a shared sense of ownership.

Please come along to the next meeting at 11.00am on Sunday, 19 February to talk about
setting up a small working group to develop use of the hut, to organise things like rotas and to
investigate how we get a power and water supply.

We also want you to bring your own ideas about what we should do next. One that has already attracted a lot of support is to bulk buy plug plant to sell on to members at prices much lower than at garden centres.

Finally, we need 4 or more water butts to collect rainwater from the hut roof for planters around the hut. If you have any in good condition please bring them on the 19th.

1 February, 2017

It’s February! Another month has gone by and so there is another exciting edition of This month available for you to read. And if you want to know more about pruning month by month have a look at the very good website for advice

6 January, 2017

Click on the video to see how the community building was put up.  In fact it’s not a video, it’s time lapse photography. There’s a prize for anyone who can spot Charlie Chaplin.

5 January, 2017

The community building announced at the AGM and previewed on this website before Christmas is now in place. A team from the suppliers arrived early on Wednesday morning and set to work assembling the prefabricated sections. Jill, Sarah and Peter, the committee members who have been leading on this project, were there to help them. Everything went much to plan and the building was erected in good time.

Jill, Sarah and Peter deserve thanks from all of us for the work they have done to raise funds for the building, make all the plans and preparations for its installation and then to ensure it was put up on schedule.

Of course, there is more still to do: painting, furnishing, planning activities and a host of other things. Please contact if you are able to help.

1 January, 2017

Best wishes to all members for a Happy New Year!

The not very exciting tasks and tips for January are now available on the This Month page

11 December, 2016

Line manager details have been updated.

To see a plan of Grange lane Allotments with the location of plots and water tanks please click here.

10 December, 2016

Make it a New Year’s resolutions to help with our new Community Hut!

The construction of the hut in the workshop is complete and it will be erected at Grange Lane on 4 January. Members are invited to come along to help and to bring provisions like hot tea and coffee for yourself and others on site.

Soon after the hut has been put up we shall need volunteers to help with painting, furnishing and organising activities for its use.


If you are able to help please email

4 December, 2016

Tasks and tips for December have now been posted on the This Month page.

3 December, 2016

The minutes of the AGM held at the end of October are now available here.

18 November, 2016

Sylvie Goy, a professional photographer has allowed us to exhibit a collection of  fascinating night time pictures that she took of Grange lane allotments.


Click here to see the full collection.

4 November, 2016

A highpoint of the AGM held on 30 October was a presentation by Peter Allen on site developments. This included updates on the eco loos, the community building and the new bins for stable manure and bark chips. The presentation also encouraged members to volunteer for a number of working parties that will be needed over the next few months.

3 November, 2016

Tasks and tips for November have now been posted on the This Month page.

31 October, 2016

The cheque form the Big Lottery fund for our new community buildingThe Big Lottery Fund tries to live up to its name and sends out big cheques for the grants it awards. Here’s the one they sent us for the new community building being held up by a cheery group of allotmenteers still brimming with happiness after a successful AGM. The only dissent came for the dog who, apparently, is camera shy.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

19 October, 2016

Broad beans, garlic, onion and shallot sets are now available from the allotment shop in Gunsite. Opening hours are 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Sundays

18 October, 2016

Look here to see and (if you can afford it!) to buy a photo of Grange Lane Allotments in the 1980s. But don’t be tempted to copy it without buying! Getty Images embed code in their photos; they will know what you have done and will send you an invoice.

10 October, 2016

Members will be pleased hear that we have been awarded two grants that will pay for major improvements at Grange Lane Allotments.


Many members have rightly said it is unacceptable that there are no toilets on our site. Thanks to an award of £4500 from Southwark’s Cleaner, Safer, Greener scheme we are now able to remedy this situation.

The award will cover the cost of installing two Eco-toilets. Both will be in appropriately secluded positions that have been approved as technically suitable by the provider who has visited the site. One will be located near the car park at the top, the other will be near the lower gate in a space being cleared.

The toilets are the dry composting type and do not require water. They have a solar powered fan and are said to be smell free. Use of them differs slightly from ordinary toilets and members will need to acquaint themselves with the correct procedure!

More information is available on:

Community Building

Awards for All, part of the Big Lottery Fund, has awarded us £9,931 most of which will be used for the erection of a community building. This award is very near the maximum amount of £10,000 available from this fund.

The building will be erected on the ground where the stable manure and chippings are now. It is a timber structure measuring 20ft x 12ft ft with a 6ft covered veranda. The total size including the veranda is 20ft x 18ft. It is important that the building is secure and it comes with strong locks, reinforced double doors and toughened glass windows.

The top Eco-toilet will be located on the wooded side of the new community building.

Bins for manure and chippings

We are looking into the construction of a large bin on the ground where the logs were, for manure, chippings and logs. As well as keeping the manure chippings and logs contained and tidier, the bins will create a barrier for the ditch that runs along the top of the site. This is a requirement of our lease with the Dulwich Estate. The ditch has to be kept clear and free running so that it carries away water from the woods that would otherwise run down and increase the water logging that is already a problem for parts of our site.


We expect the Eco-toilets to be installed by the end of October, the bin construction early November and the community building early in the 2017.

Transitional arrangements

The ground on which the manure and chippings are currently kept has to be cleared so that the foundations for the community building can be laid. Therefore new deliveries of  chippings and manure heaps have been relocated to the other side of the gate.

Help by members

Help will be needed to achieve the timetable and members are asked to contribute by:

  • Taking chippings and manure only from the original heaps until these have been completely cleared.
  • volunteering for specific tasks: please for speak to your line manager or contact
  • joining a working party that may be needed to help move the remaining manure/chippings heap to allow the hut foundation to be put in place. Another will be needed to prepare the hut for use after it has been installed. ie painting, fitting out etc

28 September, 2016

The Annual General Meeting of the plot holders of Grange Lane Allotments will be held from 10.00am to 11.30am on Sunday 30th October 2016
in the Ismay Room at the Scout Hut, Grange Lane, London SE21 7LH.

Plot renewal forms will be issued in early October. Rent/fee payments can be made from 9.30am to 10am at the Ismay Room, the Scout Hut before the Annual General Meeting.

If you do not receive your renewal forms (mostly by email) by the 21st October, tell us immediately after then by email or in a note left in the upper gate postbox or the brick shed.

24 September, 2016

Our neighbours at Gunsite Allotments  have problems with drainage and they commissioned water engineers to survey their site and make recommendations. Much of their advice is applicable to Grange lane and has been adapted to our site here. If you want to read the full report on Gunsite itself click here.

21 August, 2016

The plot inspection on 10 August gave rise to concerns that are being taken up with individual members. The inspection also revealed a number of concerns common to many plots. We are bringing these to the attention of all members with a request that those at fault take corrective action right away.


The maximum height allowed for any tree or bush is 2.5m. All branches overhanging paths should be pruned when the plant is dormant, except for plum and bay trees which should only be pruned in early to mid summer.
Bushy willows should be cut to the ground and then either dug out or poisoned. All sapling oaks, ashes and other self seeded trees must  be removed immediately


Blackberries are very prolific and their growth must be controlled. After fruiting all fruited canes should be cut to ground and new canes cut to  2-3 ft.


This must be eradicated by cutting back and then either dug out or poisoned.


Paths must be kept strimmed and reinstated to their original width where this has been reduced by planting or structures

Neglected plots

Members who are no longer able to tend their plot are asked to give it up voluntarily rather than wait for an enforcement notice. An alternative is to consider downsizing to a half plot.
Either way please contact the letting manager to discuss options.

3 June, 2016

Lost keys.

A set of keys was found at the top gate on Saturday, 28 May. The owner can contact Nigel on 02087692766 to arrange their return.

30 May, 2016

Plot inspections were conducted during May and a number of plots were identified as not complying with the rules and regulations. Members are being contacted individually about what they should do to put matters right. A report on the inspections, results and further advice will be published when available.