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14 February, 2018

Don’t miss this!

If you heard something buzzing gently overhead while labouring in the sticky clay of your plot last Sunday and happened to take a moment’s respite to look up, you might have seen a drone. If you did, it was probably being piloted by David Smith, a fellow plotholder and professional photographer, who was taking an aerial  view of Grange Lane Allotments and the surrounding area. David has kindly agreed to let us put it on the website. Do click on the link to see how lucky we are to share these surroundings in what must be one of the greenest parts of South London.

13 February, 2018

Plant Sale on Good Friday, 30 March

Advance notice that Emma Rowley’s very successful plant sale held on Good Friday last year is
being repeated this year.
The sale will be at the community hut and on offer will be:
  • Beetroot plants,
  • Broad beans,
  • Peas,
  • Four varieties of lettuce,
  • Calabrese and Kalibroc
Sadly no leeks this year, but Emma will take requests and put in a subsequent order if
enough members are interested.
Volunteers are needed to help run the sale and to make tea and coffee. If you would like to
volunteer please contact Jill@grangelane.org

10 February, 2018

 No one likes a slug – but don’t poison wildlife to get rid of them

get rid of slugs

Spring is one of the periods when slugs are most prolific in laying their eggs.  You can make a major reduction to the slug population on your plot by eliminating as many as you can now, before they start to breed, giving yourself a head start in your war against the ghastly gastropods.

Every slug you don’t destroy now  will produce up to 200 offspring through the year, then each of these offspring will produce offspring and then they will produce offspring and so on.

But don’t try to control slugs by spreading those little blue Metaldehyde pellets all over the place. They kill wildlife, poison the soil and contaminate ground water. It’s time they were banned. There are good and effective alternatives. In February the best advice is to:

  • rake over your plot to remove leaves and plant debris, exposing more slugs and their eggs to hungry predators.
  • look in pots, under stones and logs and anywhere else that looks like a slug hiding place then kill all the slugs you find.

3 February, 2018

A reminder that there is a get together at the allotment hut for all members between 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. on Sunday, 11 February

3 February, 2018

This month’s This month has been posted.

10 January, 2018

Rix Pyke’s commentary on what we can do to make Grange Lane more friendly to wildlife was very well received by members and she was encouraged to produce a quarterly updates on her ideas. Here’s the winter edition.

In case you missed it here’s the previous edition

6 January, 2018

This month’s This Month is now available.

6 January, 2018

A reminder that there is a get together at the allotment hut for all members between 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. on Sunday, 14 January.

Note that this and future meetings are on the second rather than the third Sunday of each month. A list of dates is available on the events page.

Members of the committee and line managers will be there on Sunday to meet plotholders

As well as enjoying the usual mugs of tea, coffee and good company there will be an opportunity to arrange help with tree pruning during February and March

If you can’t make the meeting Email peter@grangelane.org. or jill@grangelane.org for more information.