Please don’t bring anything from outside the site for disposal.

a)    Durable green waste:  Outside the upper entrance gates there are brown bins for green waste, provided by Southwark Council. These are emptied early each Monday morning. 

In 2024, we reduced the number of bins from eight to four. When we had eight, they could accommodate the full range of compostable organic waste, from grass clippings to small branches (up to 10 cm in diameter). 

Cutting down the number of brown bins collected by Southwark, is saving GLA money.  We also hope it will encourage on-plot composting of the softer materials (grass, leaves, flowers, weeds) see here.

The four remaining brown bins can still be used for:

  • woody plants,
  • tough plant residues (e.g. brassica stalks),
  • twigs, and
  • branches (no more than 10cm diameter)

As before, these bins should not be used for:

  • food waste,
  • fencing or other waste wood,
  • soil, rubble, stones or gravel, and
  • non-compostable waste (see below)

b)    General waste: Inside the upper entrance there is a large blue bin for general waste.  This is for non-compostable waste.  Please do not put in your organic waste and please do not overfill it.   Plotholders must not leave their general waste outside the bins, dump it anywhere on the Site or retain excessive amounts on their plots.  (Skips, which are expensive, may very occasionally appear, but they are ordered only for a special clearance task.)


The Hut: There are seasonal plant sales at the Hut, the profits of which go Grange Lane Allotment site – notice will be given of the dates and times.


We are fortunate to have frequent deliveries to the Site of fresh stable manure. It is left near the top gate and can be collected as needed by plotholders. There is no charge. Before use, the manure needs to be stacked and covered to rot down for a few weeks or months, depending on the time of year.

Wood Chip

Wood chip is delivered to the Site by tree surgeons and again may be collected without charge and used for making paths and suppressing weeds on plots.


Logs are occasionally delivered to the Site by tree surgeons.

Wood offcuts

Occasional we are given wood offcuts which can be handy for use on plots.  Again they are free and can be collected.


Members may burn organic material from their plot which cannot or should not be composted, such as timber offcuts, seeded weeds and bindweed roots.  Do not burn plastics or rubber.  Avoid overly smokey fires and especially of wet green waste.  Avoid fires on windy days because of the serious risks.  Timing and control of fires must be within the rules:

  • fires must in metal containers
  • fires must be not be left unattended
  • fires may only be lit on certain days, without exception
    • The FIRST SATURDAY of each MONTH and
    • The LAST SUNDAY of each MONTH