Camberwell Allotments Society rules

1. NAME The name of the Society shall be The Camberwell and District
Allotment Society
2. OBJECTS The Objects of the Society shall be:-
i. To promote the interests of allotment holders and gardeners and to
take joint action for the benefit of members.
ii. To co-operate with any committee set up by the Government, local
authority and other bodies, to further the interests of allotment holders.
iii. To co-operate with any central committee, local authority, national
or district body having as their objects the provision of horticultural
iv. To conduct negotiations in respect of land and to manage lands held
by the Society under lease or agreement.
v. To take such measures as may be required for the good management
of allotments.
vi. To take such measures as may be possible to protect members from
damage, trespass and theft.
3. MEMBERS The Society shall consist of allotment holders, gardeners and
other persons interested in horticulture, whose applications for membership
are approved by the Committee, or whose applications for a plot are accepted
on behalf of a section.
4. SECTIONS Each field of allotment plots held by the Society shall be
managed as a separate section with its own committee. Each section
committee shall be responsible for the letting of plots on its field and for
ensuring that the terms of any lease for that field are observed by plot holders.
Any dispute between an individual plot holder and the section committee
shall be subject to an appeal to the committee of the main Society (“the
Committee”). Any such appeal shall be made within 6 weeks of the decision
being appealed against. The Committee shall meet within 21 days of being
notified of the dispute to resolve the same. At any meeting of the Committee
considering such dispute members of the section committee involved in the
dispute shall have no vote, and the quorum at such a meeting shall be not
less than three members having the right to vote. Notwithstanding rule 13, the
decision of the Committee shall be final and binding. Disputes between plot
holders shall be initially dealt with by the committee of the section in question
with a right of appeal to the Committee if no resolution can be reached at
section level.
The rules applicable to the governance of each section, the constitution
of section committees and the holding of section committee and general
meetings shall be decided by each section in general meeting and in the
absence of such decision shall be determined by the section committee
in question subject to ratification in general meeting. In the absence of
any decision to the contrary by a section committee or general meeting on
matters in which it is competent to act, these Rules shall apply to each section
to the extent applicable.
5. MEMBERSHIP AND OTHER FEES Every member shall pay an annual
membership fee of £2.50 or such other sum as may be determined by Annual
General Meeting which shall be forwarded by the sections to the Treasurer of
the main Society. Other fees as approved by Annual General Meeting may
be payable to the main Society.
6. ARREARS Subscriptions are due at the latest by 30 November each year.
Any member who has not paid their subscription by this date will cease to be
a member.
7. OFFICERS The Officers shall be an Honorary Chairman, Secretary and
Treasurer. The Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Committee may
appoint and remove an Honorary President.
8. COMMITTEE The affairs of the main Society shall be conducted by a
Committee of Management of not less than eight members to include the
Officers, and 2 representatives nominated by each section. The Officers
shall retire at the Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election.
Unless otherwise stated in these rules a quorum at a Committee Meeting
shall be not less than five members. The Committee shall have the right to fill
vacancies amongst the Officers and to co-opt not more than three members
if required. The members so appointed shall hold office until the next Annual
General Meeting.
9. GENERAL MEETINGS The Annual General Meeting, at which the audited
accounts and the Secretary’s report shall be submitted, and the officers for
the ensuing year elected, will be held at a date to be fixed by the Committee.
Other General Meetings shall be held at such times as the Committee or a
General Meeting shall determine. 20 Members shall form a quorum. Special
General Meetings shall be called on the requisition in writing of at least 20
Members. Fourteen days notice of all General Meetings shall be given.
10. DISCUSSIONS AT MEETINGS No party political or sectarian
discussions shall be raised or resolutions proposed, either at any Committee
or General Meeting of the Society.
11. FUNDS The Committee shall open one or more banking accounts in
the name of the Society with such banks as the Committee may select, and
all the monies received from any source by the Treasurer on behalf of the
Society shall be paid into such accounts. Cheques shall be signed by two
members nominated by the Committee. Petty cash not exceeding £20 shall
be drawn by cheque. The Committee shall have the power to invest funds of
the Society.
12. AUDIT There shall be appointed an Auditor(s), who is not a member of
the Committee, to audit the accounts and submit their report to the Annual
General Meeting.
13. OFFENCES The Committee may expel a member whose conduct is
proved to their satisfaction to be detrimental to the interests of his fellow
members. Any charge against a member must be communicated in writing.
An appeal from a decision of the Committee may be made to a Special
General Meeting on the requisition in writing of 20 members.
14. CONVERSION, DISSOLUTION, etc. The Society may be converted into
a registered society, or may be dissolved, or these rules may be amended
by a two thirds majority at a General Meeting. The objects for which such
meeting is called shall be stated in the notice convening the meeting.
15. ACCIDENT OR LOSS The Society is absolved from liability in respect of
accident or loss of property incurred by members.
16. MATTERS NOT PROVIDED FOR Any matters not provided for in the
Rules shall be dealt with by the Committee at their discretion.

Full Rules and Regulations are below the general guidance here: