Information for new plotholders

Please keep accessible for future reference

  • ECOLOO. This is a waterless composting loo. Essential information on use inside loo which MUST be followed closely.
  • LINE MANAGERS: each line has a Line Manager LMs are contactable by email
  • MAILCHIMP: information is sent out to all plot holders by mailchimp.
  • BOUNDARIES of plot: responsibility to keep grass mown and accessible on path to right and bottom facing downhill. Water pipes are laid under paths. No digging into paths. Ballcocks on tanks are fragile. Report damage or leaks to line manager or via website
  • PLANNING your plot: leave 1ft inside boundary for compost bins, toolboxes, raised beds, new trees.
  • BONFIRES: fires are allowed only in incinerators and only on Tuesdays and  Thursdays or 1st Saturday and last Sunday of month.
  • RUBBISH: compost weeds on plot, burn unpainted wood and perennial weed roots eg bindweed. Take own rubbish home if possible. Do not bring rubbish to the site.
  • SKIPS ( £350): are provided approx. 4 times a year for removal of “landfill” items only. Notices will be displayed near the gates and via mailchimp.
  • DOGS, FOXES: dogs accepted but on leads only. Do not encourage foxes by feeding them.
  • SLUG PELLETS: to encourage reintroduction of hedgehogs avoid use of metaldehyde.
  • SUNDAY HUT GATHERINGS: 2nd Sunday of month 2-4pm. Everyone welcome.
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY: Children are very welcome but must be supervised at all times, particularly when using the ecoloo and should not be allowed to stray onto other plots. Strimming can be dangerous and noisy. Please refer to safety advice on the website.
  • WORKING PARTIES: we are committed to enhancing the whole site. There will be opportunities for you to contribute to various projects. More information at hut gatherings or via mailchimp.

Further helpful information can be found on this website under Advice.