AGM 2022

The AGM is to be held on 27th November (10am-12pm), at the Scout Hut. Main issues to be covered will be voting on the new rules and the election of the committee. Details of the event will be circulated later.

Election of the Committee

Standing for election or re-election.

This covers existing committee members who are running again and two new candidates seeking to fill vacant positions:

Existing members for re-election
  • Co-Chair: Tyrrell Evans
  • Co-Chair: Sarah Thurman 
  • Secretary: Maureen Erny  
  • Treasurer : Sarah Lyness 
  • Site Manager: Jill Panni 
  • Lettings: Sarah Knight 
  • Communications: Mark Aeron-Thomas
  • Member: Alex MacGillivray
  • Member: Frank Kunna
New members for election
  • Susan Miles (plot 180) for the vacant position of Membership Secretary,
  • and Don Marshall (plot 226) who is seeking to become a committee member without portfoliio.

See link for candidate profiles.

Alternative candidates

In addition, two plotholders are challenging to replace the existing Co-Chairs. They are William Stanley (plot 73) and Vaulda Simmons (plot 74), see link for their profile and contact details.