AGM 2023

The AGM is to be held on Sunday 26th November (10am-12pm), at the Scout Hut.

Election of the Committee

Standing for election or re-election.

This covers existing committee members who are running again and two new candidates seeking to fill vacant positions:

Existing members for re-election
  • Chair: Tyrrell Evans
  • Vice Chair: Sarah Thurman 
  • Secretary: Maureen Erny  
  • Treasurer : Sarah Lyness 
  • Site Manager (Joint): Jill Panni
  • Site Manager (Joint): Frank Kunna 
  • Allocations: Sarah Knight 
  • Communications: Mark Aeron-Thomas
  • Member: Alex MacGillivray
  • Membership (Joint): Susan Miles
  • Membership (Joint): Don Marshall

Copy of the Agenda can be found here