Committee Election – February 2022

The Election of the Committee is being conducted this year by a combination of electronic voting and in-person voting at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on February 29th.

We would love new people to get involved and are particularly keen to have more diversity on the committee. We would also like volunteers to help take forward some of the ideas that came out of the recent survey. So if you have any questions or just want to understand more about what is involved, just get in touch with any of the current committee members (contacts are on the website).  Being a committee member does require some commitment but is also fun and rewarding.

All plot-holders (both individual and joint plot-holders) are welcome to apply. We have put together ‘Job Descriptions’ for particular positions and there is also the option to stand as a committee member with no specific responsibilities.   

Positions Available

The Committee positions are shown below. Details of what is involved is linked for each position below. You can stand for any position, whether an existing committee member is standing or not.

PositionNo.Job description Existing Committee
Member Standing
Note for applicants
Chair or Co-chair1 or 2click hereYesIf you would like to propose yourself as a co-chair, please apply together with someone else.
Secretary1click hereYes
Treasurer1click hereYes
Membership Manager1click hereNo
Communications1click hereYes
Site Manager and Deputy Manager2click hereYes – 1, No – 1There are two roles here. In your proposal please say which role you would prefer.
Lettings1click hereYes
Line Manager Co-ordinator1click hereNot yet known
Volunteers, Social Secretary and Learning1click hereNo
Committee Member (Without Portfolio)3click hereNot yet known

Application Process

If you are interested in seeking election for any of these posts, please download this form (click here). Applicants need a seconder, another plot holder that supports them in their application. Once you have completed this, it has to be emailed to by Sunday 23rd January.

For those not using email, copies of the documents will be available in the hut and application forms can be posted in the letterbox by the top gate (addressed to the Secretary). 

The Election

All completed application forms will be made available to the wider membership and voting will then take place electronically and/or in person at a special EGM set for 27th February.