Group Visits Policy

Plot-holders or plot helper(s), members of their families or and friends accompanied by the plotholder do not require permission to enter the allotments, given a reasonable number of less than ten people (including children). 

Anyone else wanting to visit the allotments must apply in writing to the GLA committee at, explaining why they want to visit, the date, time and duration. They should do this at least 10 working days before and provide their contact details (including mobile phone number).

If they are being invited by a plotholder, the plotholder must issue the request and accompany and remain responsible for the group for the whole of their visit, if so granted.

All visitors must follow the Grange Lane Allotment Section’s Rules and Regulations on this website. We will expect all visitors to stay off all plots except those of the plot holder if there is one with them, and if walking round the site they must stay on the main paths, and keep noise to a minimum.

In giving consent, the Committee member will consider any Health and Safety Issues involved, and will need to ensure any outside groups have appropriate Public Liability insurance. The GLA committee permission can be granted for a one-off visit or periodic ones as they determine. Their decisions are full and final with no right of appeal for such requests or decisions.