Events Calendar


January to December 2022

We have regular get-togethers at the Hut on the second Sunday of each month, with Covid 19 social distancing, as required. Usually, it will involve Tea and Cakes from 2-4pm, see dates below.

As in previous years, plug-plants will also be sold at some gatherings. This page will be updated when these dates are confirmed. A notification will also be sent out in the week before.

09 January  Event CANCELLED due to COVID
13 February  Tea & Cakes
13 March  Tea & Cakes
10 April  Tea & Cakes
08 May  Tea & Cakes
12 June  Tea & Cakes
10 July  Tea & Cakes
14 August  Tea & Cakes
11 September  Tea & Cakes
09 October  Tea & Cakes
13 November  Tea & Cakes
11 December  Tea & Cakes

 AGM 2022

To be determined.