Situated on a hill with sweeping views over London and surrounded by ancient woodland, playing fields, an historic school and a renowned golf course, Grange Lane Allotments are an important resource for its members, for wildlife and for the local community.  Members recognise their responsibility to conserve and develop these allotments.

The soil here is mostly heavy clay. In winter it can be waterlogged and in summer it can be baked and cracked. It takes  lots of digging and organic matter to keep the soil workable and productive. Many members take a strictly organic approach; some make limited and careful use of chemicals to control pests and diseases.

Allotments are popular and plots in Grange Lane are in high demand. The waiting list is not kept open indefinitely, as too long a wait leads to an ever rising proportion of those no longer able or interested when their turn comes due. It was last open in October 2023.  Go to the Waiting List page to find out more. Bear in mind that keeping an allotment takes a good deal of time and effort, especially in spring/early summer. This level of commitment can be hard to fit into busy lives but if you can do it, a deep sense of satisfaction is guaranteed