Sylvie Goy

We are very pleased to be able to exhibit a number of night pictures taken at Grange Lane Allotments by Sylvie Goy, a professional photographer who describes below what drew her to Grange Lane.

‘ Back in 2010 I stumbled upon Grange Lane allotments by chance when I was on my way to a Guy Fawkes night fireworks event in November of that year.

I was attracted by the magical, eerie atmosphere I encountered that evening. It stirred my imagination and I was inspired to go back again to take some pictures at night.

I visited Grange Lane a few times to get the images I was looking for. Having grown up in the country myself I have a particular respect for nature and I was careful not to disrupt anything while I took my pictures.’

Sylvie has kindly allowed us to show her images of Grange Lane Allotments. Click on the images to enlarge them.


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