Dos and don’ts

Allotments are much sought after.  In this part of South London alone there are hundreds and hundreds of people on allotment waiting lists and it’s not unusual to wait for as long as five years before getting a plot. We who already have a plot are very fortunate and should recognise as much by making the most of the opportunity we have been given.

With this opportunity comes responsibility: to cultivate our plots and to keep them in good order. Responsibility is also owed to the allotment site as a whole by respecting rules, caring for communal areas and amenities, looking out for fellow allotmenteers and by taking part in working parties and other shared activities.

An allotment can be a great source of enjoyment and satisfaction, but it is not for everyone. It takes time, energy and commitment to make a success of a plot. This can be hard to find in busy lives. We hope you can find it but if you really can’t please surrender your plot and let the next person on the waiting list have a try.

These Dos and Don’ts set out the standards expected of responsible plotholders. If in any doubt please refer to the rules and regulations.


  1. Do cultivate at least 2/3 of your plot.
  2. Do keep your plot tidy and don’t allow rubbish to accumulate.
  3. Do suppress weeds to prevent them from spreading to neighbours’ plots.
  4. Do remove any self-seeded trees or bushes before they take hold.
  5. Do ensure that your plot is clearly numbered.
  6. Do keep the path to your right and the path below your plot (facing downhill towards Dulwich College clock tower) mown or strimmed.
  7. Do take part in working parties.
  8. Do contribute to security by keeping gates locked and challenging strangers.
  9. Do come to annual general meetings and have your say.


  1. Don’t do or take part in any commercial filming on the site without first asking the Committee
  2. Don’t grow any crops for sale or use your plot for any commercial purpose.
  3. Don’t dig into paths or allow trees and bushes to grow over them.
  4. Don’t plant any trees or bushes on your plot other than fruit trees or bushes.
  5. Don’t let any fruit tree or bush grow higher than 2.5 metres.
  6. Don’t dump anything on other plots or in the communal areas.
  7. Don’t bring anything from home or elsewhere to put into allotment bins or skips.
  8. Don’t have fires on non-bonfire days or outside a metal structure or unattended.
  9. Don’t leave your plot unattended for more than one month without the agreement of the committee.