Grange Lane Membership Renewals 2020/2021

Fees for this year are as follows:

  • 1/2 plot             £37.00
  • 1 plot                £74.00
  • 1 1/2 plots        £111.00
  • 2 plots              £148.00
  • 2 1/2 plots        £185.00
  • 3 plots              £222.00

Membership of the Camberwell Society remains at £3.00 per person (plot holders and helpers) 

  • The renewal year is from the 1st November and payment reminders and invoices sent out from mid October.
  • If payment is not received by the 30th November 2021 the Committee will be free (i) to assume that you no longer wish to be a member and (ii) to re-let the plot. 
  • This year cash payments only will be taken at 9.30am on the 7th November ahead of the AGM at the Scout Hut
  • Through renewal plot holders and helpers confirm they will adhere to the allotments rules and regulations