Vision for the future

Grange Lane Allotments are an important resource for the local community. We, the current plotholders, are custodians of this resource and as well as enjoying it ourselves it is our responsibility to maintain and develop through a vision for the future which is down to earth and achievable. Click here to read the draft vision document

Business plan

As well as looking after our individual plots the committee and all members have a collective responsibility  for looking after the allotments as a whole. This means improving, maintaining and repairing as necessary. There is always more to do than time or money to do it. Therefore we have to prioritise and plan ahead. A draft business plan is being prepared and will published as soon as available.


Our neighbours at Gunsite Allotments  have problems with drainage and they commissioned water engineers to survey their site and make recommendations. IMG_1764

Much of their advice is applicable to Grange lane and has been adapted to our site here. If you want to read the full report on Gunsite itself click here.

Working parties


Annual subs