Grange Lane membership renewals 2019/2020

Fees for the coming year have been set by the committee

                                                            ½ plot                   £36.00

                                                            1 plot                    £72.00

                                                            1½ plots               £108.00

                                                            2 plots                  £144.00

                                                            2½ plots               £180.00

                                                            3 plots                  £216.00

Membership of the Camberwell Society remains £3.00 per person

At the AGM in 2018 we gave notice of intent to implement a new membership system. We will be using this to collect annual membership fees for this year’s renewal in October / November.

Why are we doing this?

  • To date each plot renewal has taken an average of 15mins processing cash, cheques and online payments, checking this against the records we have and our bank statement to remove errors.
  • Whilst more payments are now made online several still come in by cheque and have to be taken to a bank at a time when these are becoming harder to find.
  • The current system involves too much paper (printing forms attached to emails) and is not environmentally friendly.
  • When the information held is incorrect we have to chase or phone to get payments (which is very frustrating for both parties).
  • Renewal requests go missing and we have to chase to get payments in a reasonable timescale.
  • Subscriptions are our only source of income and we must get them on time to pay the bills!
  • We need to have accurate information to keep you up to date and let you know what’s happening.

What is going to happen in October?

  • On or around the 4th October you will be sent an email with Grange Lane log in and Peter Allen in the subject line (please check your spam folder at this time)
  • This will have a link to the Grange Lane database (administered by LoveAdmin) where you can set up your account.
  • Each plot (or plots if you have more) has a ‘lead person’ who is responsible for all payments (plot, Camberwell Society fees etc.)
  • You need the account in order to pay.

How will renewals be made?

  • Payment requests will be made from the 18th October and payment can then be made by PayPal (if you have an account) or using GoCardless (the latter takes credit or debit cards).
  • Cash payments only be accepted at the AGM on 3rd November.
  • Cheques will no longer be accepted
  • From this year there will be no paper renewal forms – when you log into the database a mandatory ‘tick box’ confirms you accept the rules and bye-laws.

Payment deadline

  • If payment is not received by the 30th November 2019 the Committee will be free (i) to assume that you no longer wish to be a member and (ii) to relet the plot. 

Peter Allen

27th September 2019

On behalf of the committee